07 November 2022

Student Champions lead the way - Sylvia Park School


Five senior students have stepped up to do the mahi every morning at Sylvia Park School in Auckland!

Recently, I was visiting some of our local Auckland schools and was fortunate to cross paths with some incredible and inspiring students at Sylvia Park School (SPS). With a growing roll of over 500 year 1-8 tamariki, I was beyond impressed by the leadership skills demonstrated by five senior students.

The vibrant young students were motivated to help take on the responsibility of running their breakfast club to help their peers have a better start in the morning by having breakfast!

Each day, the students check the roster to see what role they're taking on for the day:

  • Serving the 'customers'
  • Dishes
  • Wiping tables
Sylvia Park School 2

"...We have a roster that I made and we all follow that. We all help out each day but if it is not our rostered day on, then we go to class when the bell rings. This means there is always someone to run the breakfast club for SPS students. We love our aprons and we all have our own colour that we wear when we are rostered on."

Sylvia Park School 3

SPS students are reminded daily that Breakfast club is open through an announcement over the intercom and there is a shoutout each morning in the daily notices. The student leaders try to add a few special items to their menu to mix things up for their peers to attend sometimes repurposing leftover yoghurt pottles from their school lunches or using some tinned fruit Mrs Kamana kindly brings in!

The student leaders at SPS hope to inspire other tamariki in their schools to take up the challenge to lead their breakfast club programme! Principal Thomas Bartlett is incredibly proud of the mahi his students are doing everyday and the whanaungatanga they are demonstrating!

Ka mau te wehi Sylvia Park School!

- Tracey Putt (KickStart Breakfast Relationship Manager, Auckland & Northland)