02 April 2021

Meet our local Anchor Milk Teams – Anchor Milk Hawke’s Bay !

Vaughan, Dave and the team at Anchor Milk Hawke’s Bay really enjoy being part of KickStart Breakfast. They help deliver the milk to schools in our Anchor trucks:

Typically, a day on the trucks starts between 3am and 4am, with the driver arriving at the Anchor depot in Hastings. Each day is a very different load and can be a different route. We love seeing wonderful customers who are kind to our drivers and respect their time and energy shared.

On very special days, we get to deliver to the schools and Kura in our area and everybody loves these deliveries. The children help our team with unpacking the KickStart Breakfast milk and they always give big smiles and warm greetings. This is a great highlight and we all look forward to these visits.

What is very important to the entire team at Anchor Milk Hawke’s Bay is that we’re able to offer recycling and we all appreciate this and take it seriously. We always remind our customers that this is important and that we respect them for rinsing, draining and drying the milk packs, so that no milk spills into the recycling bags. This means the trucks stay clean and the drivers can’t become injured from slipping on a wet floor. Clean bottles and cartons also mean our wonderful team at the recycling centre can process the recycling and they always tell us that our KickStart customers make their lives easier by being so good about recycling.